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God’s thought concerning you is not best summed up in a book, in rituals or in a religion – no, God is far more playful, creative, and fun than that, give Him some credit! The limitlessness of your being is most gloriously articulated in Jesus Christ. Jesus is your original nature, and the multi-dimensional, spacious life of your design. His delicious message about the heavenly, ecstatic origin of our identity is full-fat, sugary delicious, and warm cookie-dough comforting. Through His resurrection, He invites us to share in the exciting, magical-wonder of God’s thoughts concerning us. God is more wonder-filled and creative than our most ‘eureka!’ moments of inspiration. He created us to share in the life of the Trinity, and to play care-free in gardens of pleasure and bliss with Him. He created us for rapturous creativity, simplicity and serenity. We were designed to live, move, and have our being within the life of the Trinity, composed of the glory-substance of pure LOVE, and having that heavenly reality of complete bliss flow through us in our unique colours and flavours. We are a unique flavor of Christ. That is who we truly are!

Every system of this world operates on a law of ‘do to be’ – if you do such and such, or if you don’t do this and that, then you will arrive at the freedom of God-likeness, becoming a superior, successful being. These systems are like parents that don’t understand us. They lock us into the little broom cupboard under the stairs, limiting our parameters for hope and zapping the creative enthusiasm of our design right out of us. However, we were made for so much more! We were made for the fun and frolicking exploration of Hogwarts!  In the cross and resurrection of Jesus Christ, we are mystically transported through His body back into the experience of the original Eden (Eden means ‘pleasure’) of God’s thoughts about us. We are back in wonderland because we have willingly fallen through the trap-door of the Cross! Disneyland resides within us and has swallowed us up into the substance of its magic! We are composed of heaven, and wherever we go, heaven goes with us! We just enjoy this reality and heaven manifests on earth, because whatever is true of Jesus is true of us, and whatever is not true of Jesus is not true of us. The natural and supernatural are COMFORTABLE with each other – they suit each other perfectly, just as in the beginning!

John Crowder, in his book ‘Mystical Union’ puts it this way:

“You were united with Him in His death. What died? The entire fallen personality. Your old depressed self. Your old sinful self. The old fearful you was buried. The old anxious, unbelieving you took a bullet. Your poverty died with Him. Your sickness died with Him. Every bit of darkness and disease that you once were died with Him. All of your acne and PMS and road rage took a tumble. Your old religiously sober self was also crucified. The new you is happy, alive, and full of the wine of His love! The new you is full of faith. The new, True Self is prosperous, bold, and overflowing with life, hope, peace, and fruitfulness. The old critical, introverted you is dead. The new self is completely restored to Childlike innocence and trust.”

All of the negative, ill-fitting aspects of you completely took a tumble down the rabbit-hole – you fell completely, mystically, into Christ’s death on the cross, and were swallowed up into His wounds. Then, you appeared with Him in the wonderland of His resurrection, as one Spirit with Him, continuously and effortlessly receiving all of the benefits of being interwoven completely into the life of the Trinity, in your 100% association in Christ Jesus! You cannot tell where you end and where He begins. You are your own unique flavor of Jesus Christ within the Godhead.

The unsearchable Kingdom of the unseen heavenly world swallowed us up and crowned us as royalty. We are now care-free children enjoying exploring all of the riches and blessings of Daddy God’s heart. We are partakers of His divine nature and all of its blessings and blessings. As we enjoy our complete, secure association in Jesus’ cross and resurrection, we begin to see heaven manifest in and through the physical realm effortlessly. He is the substance of faith! Faith is no longer an external longing, or a hernia-popping wish. It is now our identity, our heart, and our first nature! We just keep on living loved, and enjoying life in Him! He has micro-managed and perfected EVERYTHING in our lives. Jesus is the alpha and omega of our salvation.

We don’t need ANY systems of this world, or any laws, to perfect anything in our lives. Why would we need to BECOME something that we already effortlessly are? The rhythm of His life comes so naturally to us. He is our first nature. This is why Benjamin Dunn has commented that “both out bad works and good works are excluded from the table of grace”. I love to picture this as a Mad Hatter’s tea party, with Jesus as the luminously jolly Mad Hatter, and the other members of the Trinity as his animated guests. If you tried to talk of sober, dull things such as legalistic tendencies, it would appear absolutely bonkers in the midst of intoxicating fun, and astonishing marvels. As Meister Eckhart has stated: “My Lord told a joke, and seeing Him laugh has done more for me than any Scripture I will ever read.”. It is so easy in wonderland to believe “six impossible things before breakfast”, as well as to flow with living, singing, dancing hope – that confident, assured expectation of good (His blessings make us rich and He adds NO sorrow with it!). We kick back and enjoy the feast, because there are always more astounding goodies to discover; and we find that as we are off enjoying ourselves, success and prosperity is attracted to us. We are a magnet for every blessing! In such an atmosphere, it is easy to forget all restricting inferior mind sets, and to wake up for the first time to the way that God has always seen us – it is intoxicating!. He put all of His imagination, all of His innocence, all of His best thoughts and wisdom into who we are. Christ’s finished work is a celebration that eradicates all self-consciousness, and replaces it with the vaster, panoramic scenery of paradise. Christ and I have become one, and he animates, enlightens, and enlivens our natural personality.

By Paige Hunt

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