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Locate Yourself Correctly

By Josh Hunt

The gospel is the greatest message in the Cosmos! What God has done in Christ has ensured our happiness for all time! Are you enjoying the reality Jesus came to give you? Well, there’s nothing wrong with the message, there’s also nothing wrong with you. Often when preachers assert the validity of the message they preach, the person listening gets the blame; [read in angry preacher voice] “there’s nothing wrong with Jesus, there’s nothing wrong with the WORD, so the problem is with you!” But there is nothing wrong with you, in-fact, Jesus has made you right! The message and reality of the gospel is true. There’s nothing wrong with it and there’s nothing wrong with you, but allow me to ask you, are you enjoying it? Are you enjoying the glorious news of the New Covenant? Enjoying is imperative for, well, enjoying. Faith enjoying is a glorious way to see and enjoy the spiritual inheritance in the tangible! Are you enjoying? It’s so fun. Life with our Daddy is so exciting! His goodness overwhelming!

So many people are hearing the grace message, yet some are struggling to feel it in their emotions. Some are left saying; “Thank Jesus for the cross, but where is the joy?” There is a difference between intellectual assent and enjoying and believing the truth. Many are becoming free intellectually, and are feeling the benefits to an extent; however, in order to enjoy the full benefit, we must enjoy the reality by faith. It’s possible to learn the truth of new birth in Christ, but still locate ourselves in deadness. Worry, fear, anxiety, depression, are all signalling signs that we may be, at times, locating ourselves incorrectly. As Joseph Prince says; right believing produces right living. The same is true; wrong believing produces wrong emotions.

Don’t, ‘settle’ in the natural. Don’t be deceived into thinking and believing that what you see or feel has to be the benchmark for your life. Didn’t anyone tell you that when you became a believer you were joined to Christ, mortality was swallowed up by immortality! Your life is supernatural. You are supernatural! One with deity, Married to Majesty! Don’t try to ‘achieve’ in the supernatural. Don’t be deceived into thinking and believing that you have got to build a relationship with God in order to enjoy the gospel. Some people are so worn out through trying to attain happiness and joy through, prayer, fasting, ‘abiding’. No, didn’t anyone tell you that you are joined to Christ, Married to Majesty?! Don’t ‘settle’ in the natural, and don’t try to ‘achieve’ in the supernatural. Instead, ‘settle’ into the arms of Daddy God, and rest in what Jesus has ‘achieved’ for you! In other words, the key is to enjoy the gospel by faith!

You are not ordinary, so stop locating yourself in the ordinary! You are not a victim to your circumstance. It is not fitting for the wonderful (you), to locate themselves anywhere but heavenly realms. You may have spent your whole life locating yourself in the natural, believing you are less than who God say’s you are, but today, you can relocate! Maybe you’re struggling with negative circumstances? You have options you don’t know about!

It will help you to locate yourself correctly if you understand what grandeur you have been plugged into! You’ve got a great inheritance:

“Praise be to the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, who has blessed us in the heavenly realms with every spiritual blessing in Christ.” (Ephesians 1:3)

Union with the King of the Universe has its benefits! You are blessed, with every blessing God has! The Christian life is not a process of one becoming blessed, or receiving spiritual treasures. The Christian life starts with unequivocal wealth and blessing! The phrase “who has blessed” is one Greek word, eulogeō, meaning to ‘invoke a benediction upon’. In Christ, God has pronounced every pleasing blessing heaven has to offer on you! You have a great inheritance. Also, just because it says “spiritual blessing”, doesn’t mean that the blessings aren’t those that can translate to tangible realities. No, “spiritual” is telling us where these blessings are located. The treasure chest is in the spiritual realm.

You’ve also got a great identity:

“For he chose us in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined us to be adopted as his sons through Jesus Christ, in accordance with his pleasure and will”. (Ephesians 1:4-5)

You are something very special! The Spirit longs for you to know your royal identity. To see yourself as you are, located in Christ. These verses reveal so much about the believers great identity; 1) We are holy (hagios = “pure”, “saint”, free from sin, made holy at the core of being), 2) We are blameless (amōmos = “faultless”, “unblamable”, united to Jesus therefore forgiven and unpunishable), 3) We are before him (katenōpion = “directly in front of: before (the presence of)”, the NIV says “in his sight”, however, this isn’t just a Jesus-goggle thing, God doesn’t just see us as holy and blameless even though we’re really not. No, he has made us to be holy and blameless and seated us on his lap, we are before him, in his presence continually.) We are also, as Ephesians 1:4-5 goes on to say, “adopted as his sons”! You are declared to be God’s baby and given spiritual life and immortality!

And you’ve got great power:

“I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which he has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe.” (Ephesians 1:18-19)

Paul doesn’t pray that the mighty Spirit of God would make us weak vessels strong. No! Paul prays for the eyes of our hearts to be enlightened – enlightened to know that we have a great power on the inside of us. Enlightened to know that we are powerful, sharers of God’s great omnipotence!  My goodness the believer is powerful. You are packing so much glory and power. If you realised just how powerful you actually are you would never see yourself quite the same way. Agree with God. The Old Testament exhorts the weak to say that they are strong (Joel 3:10), but under the New Covenant God has made you strong; strong with his incomparable power and strength.

So, you have a great inheritance, a great identity, and a great power. But, are you locating yourself in the great? Are you enjoying truth? Right now, right here, where are you locating yourself? You see, even if you aren’t locating yourself in the gospel reality, it will still be true, you will still have a great inheritance, a great identity, and a great power, but you won’t be able to enjoy it to its fullness. You are designed, however, to experience heaven on earth. You will only be at home when you locate yourself in heavenly places. And through enjoying and locating yourself in heavenly places you will make your home like heaven!

Every one of us has a built in GPS system. We wake up in a morning and often allow our GPS to locate us in the natural, in our circumstances, in our wrong beliefs. As we continue to live on auto-pilot, we continue to allow ourselves to locate ourselves in the natural; this then produces negative feelings and emotions, a stability that is built on a unstable foundation. However, when we start to realise and engage with the other realm, the heavenly realm, we allow ourselves to locate ourselves in the heavenly realms. When we locate ourselves in the gospel reality, in Christ, we see the power and glory of God manifest in our outward lives, bringing the full force of our inheritance with it. We see heaven on earth! So, locate yourself correctly! Start to enjoy faith. Live your life with an enthusiastic awareness of the kiss of heaven. Locate yourself in heavenly places. Locate yourself in the gospel reality!

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  1. Great article!! Thankful for like minded believers. In the Midwest there are only a few of us who are receiving:( But Grace is catching on!! It’s incredible the few friends I have that have received the revelation of Grace, all we can think about and talk about is JESUS. Yet I set around a table of preachers who don’t have revelation and they don’t even mention JESUS. I feel so honored to be chosen to receive!! Continue to write the truth! Grace Always, Susan


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