Helping people discover and embrace limitless life in Jesus!

Francois du Toit and his lovely wife Lydia daily inspire and enrich many people with the poetry of the Gospel in a variety of ways. Francois has written many books in English and Afrikaans, such as ‘Divine Embrace’, ‘God Believes in You’, and ‘The Mystery Revealed’. He is also well-known for his inspiring work in writing The Mirror Translation of the Bible, which is being translated into many different languages such as Japanese, Slovakian, Hungarian, French, and African languages.

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An ‘excerpt’ from Francois’ book ‘God Believes in You’…

God is not watching us from a distance, as the song suggests. Emmanuel means God with us. God can never again be God without us! God cannot get any closer to mankind than what he already did in the person of Jesus! He is not nearer to some than what he is to others, nor nearer to Jerusalem than to Japan. As much as Jesus represents all of God, he represents the entire human race in one person. Imagine God finding a word, worthy to hold his ultimate thought; his final, eternal most intimate word to mankind. He frames this word not in an ancient language of men or angels, but in an earthen jar, Jesus, the incarnate image and mirror radiance of all that God is, displayed in human from! God has found a face in you that portrays him more beautifully than the best theology! Your features, your touch, the cadence of your voice, the compassion in your gaze, the lines in your smile, the warmth of your person and presence unveils him!

Why the other Tree and why the temptation in the Garden?

I think the picture that we are presented with in the garden of Sabbath abundance, and of the 2 trees and the temptation, presents us inevitably with the full scope of our design! We are not robots who are to simply respond to our Maker in remote control fashion. To give ultimate context to the setting of paradise beauty, we were presented with the opportunity to consciously and spontaneously fellowship with our invisible Maker and to explore the dynamics of our own being there; and from that place of knowing that we are known we would reflect what we discover in fellowship union and intimacy in Elohim and in one another!

We were designed to explore the limitless dimensions of our being as referenced in our Source. The temptation was to follow the suggestion of an alternative idea that maybe we are not perfect by design; maybe, we thought, even Elohim know that we are not really what they had in mind, and would therefore feel threatened by our knowledge of good and evil; maybe that is the reason they didn’t want us to eat of the fruit of the “other” tree, we reasoned!

The alternative tree gives us the opportunity to engage an alternative system, whereby we have to now prove to ourselves, and to one another, as well as to our own ideas of deity (religion) that we can manage and possibly master our own being and destiny, independent of our Source! The quest to prove my I am-ness would now become my constant drive; instead of finding and celebrating me in fellowship with my Maker and my fellow human being, and also in my harmonious co-existence with paradise nature, I have to now strive for it in the fruit of my own efforts to become something I already am by design, perfect and esteemed. And so we have exchanged God’s perfect approval of us, based on his perfect knowledge of us, for our imperfect knowledge of ourselves and of one another, proved by the inevitable evidence in our disappointment with ourselves and with one another. The “I am not-tree-system” would continually be re-enforced by feelings of shame, guilt, inferiority and competing, which sadly brings with it every shade of hostility and frustration and the corruption that our history and societies have borne such horrid witness to. The law expresses and confirms the existence of these systems and their dominance in societies and philosophies for many centuries.

The love of God, the Engineer of our being, demonstrated in the unveiling of our inclusion in the death, our joint decent into hell, and the co-quickening and our co-resurrection with Jesus Christ, reveals that we are rescued from the lies that we have believed about ourselves, about our Maker and about one another! We are presented with a brand new beginning! The old things have passed away! Behold, everything has become new! Now immediately engage your thoughts with the reality of your co-seatedness in Christ in the highest dominion of life, and discover there the bliss of your redeemed innocence and your glorious oneness!

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