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By Josh Hunt

Do you know that you are rich? You might not feel rich. You might not be acting like you’re rich. Your bank account may tell you a different story. But, nevertheless you are rich. You are rich in Christ in every way – and, yes I do believe that this ‘richness’ is available to manifest in the physical realm :).

The 90’s film Richie Rich is a comical tale that depicts a boy with a big personality and an even bigger inheritance – Richie is the wealthiest kid in the world! Richie is the son of a billionaire business man; he wants for nothing and even has his own personal theme park and McDonalds. Yes, Richie has some problems, but when it comes to his wants he lacks for nothing. Why? Because his Father is rich.

This is how it is for us today; we have been included into a Kingdom with no shortage, a family of incredible wealth. This is what Christianity is; an announcement of who our God is and an invitation to share in his great power and wealth. Don’t be tricked into thinking that the richness of your inheritance is just an encouragement tactic to spear you on with your relationship with Christ. You are really rich in him and every day you get to live like the wealthiest kid in the world. Whatever your need it is provided by your rich Dad.

‘I pray also that the eyes of your heart may be enlightened in order that you may know the hope to which we has called you, the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints, and his incomparably great power for us who believe…’ – Ephesians 1:18-19 (emphasis mine)

We have such a full and great inheritance in Christ. Papa God has loved us with an eternal and undying love and so he made sure that in this great Salvation there would be nothing left out that we could ever want or need (see 2 Peter 1:3). Do you believe that? What incredible news!

The Christian life is a life lived in union with the Spirit; a life of enjoying this rich inheritance. It is not a life of fear or hardship. Even the contradictions in life have to bow down to the power of the Anointed One in us! The Spirit-life is a life of hope! This is what Paul says in Ephesians 1:18-19; he says that he desires we get revelation in our hearts so that we may know the hope… Now, the word for ‘hope’ is ‘elpis’; which means an anticipation or an expectation for good. This. This is how we get to live our life everyday! Because of our rich inheritance in Christ we get to live with an expectation of good. Like Richie Rich we get to live relishing in what we possess. In this scenario we are indeed the ‘rich kids’, we are the ones who lack nothing. A built in theme park, a helicopter, maybe a healing, some favour – it’s all ours because of Jesus.

So many people believe that God is a stingy God – a God of just enough. The truth, however, is so much better, God is the God of more than enough, and he has shared everything he is and has with you and I. That’s why Paul says that he desires for the ‘eyes of our hearts to be enlightened’, so that we may know the hope – which is; ‘the riches of his glorious inheritance’. Paul desires for believers everywhere to know that they have a rich, full and glorious inheritance.

You are and have so much more than you could imagine. You are the child of the King and a beneficiary of the riches of the Godhead. Perhaps it’s time you start believing the truth of your glorious riches? Instead of thinking that you are a has-been, a good-for-nothing, a failure – believe that you are righteous, that you are talented, that you are loved and adored, that you are his! Don’t agree with the false system of trying to get, believe that in Christ you have received one blessing after another (see John 1:16).


All of heaven belongs to the child of God. What’s more is that all of heaven is in the child of God. Paul says that ‘the riches of his glorious inheritance is in the saints’. All of the power, favour, health, prosperity, and wisdom of God is in the saint. You don’t have to petition God to try to get him to fill you with his riches, he has already filled you. What you desire to see manifest is already inside you! The gospel declares that we are rich in Christ, that this inheritance is in us. What a glorious truth! We can walk about with such confidence; ‘my Daddy’s power is in me. Whatever the need, I am rich in Christ.’ In the film Richie Rich, Herbert Cadbury tries to inspire Richie by saying; ‘Just remember these words, Master Richie – You have the power of your father inside you.’ This is a revelation that would aid us in every area of life. Going for a job interview – ‘I have the power of my father inside me’. Dealing with a difficult family member – ‘I have the power of my father inside me’. Struggling with your emotions – ‘I have the power of my father inside me’.

The truth of our rich, glorious inheritance in Christ is something that we all need to believe. So many live under the spiritual bread-line for no reason. The fullness we have in Jesus is enough. Why not start spending today. Why not start enjoying the magnificent things already in your union with Christ. Enjoy the personal theme park, take a ride on your very own helicopter, delight in the resurrection life of Jesus, savour the favour of the Lord. Know that because of Jesus you can know ‘the riches of his glorious inheritance in the saints’.

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