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Limitless Life Devotional 

Grace Was No Accident

Ephesians 1:7-8

‘…in accordance with the riches of God’s grace that he lavished on us. With all wisdom and understanding’. 

Some people think that grace was a lucky accident! Some people believe as though the Almighty didn’t orchestrate the new covenant into existence through the finished work of Jesus with the intent of us living in this new way! This mindset can be born from various things; though, often it is born from a inferiority complex, combined with a theological cocktail of law and grace, along with a ‘I can’t believe that God is this good’ expectation! However, whatever the reason, the results are the same and are tragic; namely, it leaves believers shelving grace, referring it to the ‘low points’, and then living life by their own resources.

The new covenant though, is about us living the Jesus life, which we received by grace, through faith. Every time we water down the grace of God we are in effect saying; ‘I don’t need (or maybe, deserve?) to live under the new covenant. This is a shame because grace (God’s unmerited favour and love-gift to us) has provided such a sufficient Salvation. God wants all to know that his grace can not be worn-out, it can not be sunk, nor over used! Grace is not just for ‘low points’, no, grace is the native air we thrive in!

So, let’s receive the abundant provision of Daddy’s grace! Let’s drink deep and eat our fill, and when we think we have eaten enough, or our ‘fair share’, let’s eat some more! Because those who reign in life are those who receive! Now, know that grace was not an accident! The Almighty delights in us knowing and believing in the goodies of the new covenant, without enduring the drudgery of the old covenant! So, enjoy God’s unmerited favour on your life! Enjoy every aspect of your inheritance!

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