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By Paige Hunt

“But the one who joins himself to the Lord is one spirit with Him.” – 1 Corinthians 6:17

Think about the art of fruit tea for a moment. Your tea bag is placed into the depths of the hot water, and its spices and flavours ooze out and transform your mug of water into flavoured tea. Ta-da! 19– This illustrates the concept of being ‘one Spirit’ with the Lord. Because the Holy Spirit resides at the depths of your being, the water of your life has been turned into the finest wine of God’s Presence, and every part of you has been saturated, immersed in, and entirely flooded with the Divine life. This means that your every experience is as much a divine adventure as it is a human one. Song of Solomon 1:15 presents a similar concept, when the Lover, a symbol of our heavenly Jesus, turns to us and says:

“How beautiful you are, my darling! Oh, how beautiful! Your eyes are doves.”

The dove is a Scriptural symbol for the Holy Spirit and the pleasure of God. As we meditate on this verse we can begin to draw out some sweet, delicious nectar: Our eyes are unique portals for the Holy Spirit to view our earth. The Holy Spirit loves experiencing life through our eyes! Let me unpack this a little bit…We are of one Spirit with the Lord, and this means that we live, move and have our being in the sphere of the Trinity, simultaneously residing in their heavenly dimension, pulsing with their life, just as we go about our daily activities and enjoy life on the physical plane. Like a tree, if the roots are healthy and nourished, the whole tree will be filled and flourishing with that vibrant life. – Just as we are, at the deepest part of us, residing in the heavenly realm with Jesus (see Ephesians 1), every part of our human body and our natural personality is a unique flavour of Jesus on earth. We are each a unique expression of the Godhead, and he delights in viewing life through our eyes, as he resides within us – engaging with each of our senses.

We can live our lives unaware of this Blessed embrace, and as such, we will never experience ‘life to the full and overflowing’ (John 10:10). Rather, we will live from the limited, distorted perceptions of self-consciousness and be unable to derive heavenly pleasure from each moment – conditioned to define our lives and shape our conscious thoughts after ‘do-to-be’ mentalities and every form of legalistic-lack mind sets. Yet it is God’s desire that we truly grasp what it means that we have been co-resurrected with Christ into a whole new world, a world where Christ can be our all in all, a world where all of our experiences are pure, because we know that we naturally, blissfully flow with the purity of his clarity (2 Corinthians 5:17; Colossians 3:11; Titus 1:15).20 A world where we are truly one Spirit with the Lord, unhindered in consciousness. Throughout Scripture, we are called to remember the Lord in celebration, drinking up the wine of the New Covenant in remembrance of him. Song of Solomon 1:2 declares that God’s love ‘is more delightful than wine’, as he kisses us with the kisses of his mouth. These kisses from God’s mouth flow to us in the form of words – or, more accurately, the Word, Jesus Christ.

The revelation of our co-crucifixion, co-burial, and co-resurrection with Jesus is like the richest wine. It brings about a transformation of consciousness, as we see that in every way we have been transformed at the very centre of our ‘self’, and planted into an ecstatic garden of union with the Divine. A garden of rich, authentic experience, because all things have been made new. Isaiah 12:3 in the NLT states that “with joy you will drink deeply from the fountain of salvation!”. The mundane experiences of our life are transformed from water into wine, as we begin to experience what it means to be filled with all that God is and all that God has in the here and now; as we begin to experience God experiencing us from the very depths of us: the reality of heaven on earth.

“They feast on the abundance of your house; you give them drink from your river of delights.  For with you is the fountain of life; in your light we see light” – Psalm 36:8-9

Like the tree drawing up sustenance from its roots, we too drink up the enjoyment of heaven from within us. We can tangibly feel and engage with this reality of heaven on earth, now that we are in a Siamese union with the Godhead, and cannot tell where he ends and we begin!

God is playfully, intimately connected with everything about you and your world. Your personality was hand-crafted by him, and he loves the things that you truly love because he loves experiencing those things through your eyes! Your joy is his joy! We can enjoy the Presence of Jesus moment-by-moment, resting in the simplicity and natural rhythm of his love – after all, his love is not an external demand, but an internal supply that is also your composition. You are seamlessly divine, flowing with his life through your patterns and textures: your unique personality hand-crafted by God in the first place. You are literally God’s own personal paradise island, through which he loves to live, and move, and have his being.  And as you are simply being yourself your heavenly Father is so satisfied. You can rest in this satisfaction!

Your entire world was formed through the wonder of God’s love-thoughts. How often do we stop to taste the magical love that holds, and is held, within each moment? With the lesser glory of false mind sets, we have been drawn to distancing ourselves from the ease of the Trinity and their residence within our hearts. We have lost our sense of peace in the silken sky of Pure love – I mean real, deep, lasting peace. We thirst and yet we don’t know what we are thirsting for. Perhaps we could be thirsting to taste God – to stop and really taste the fullness of clean Reality in the present moment. The fullness of our identity. There is a peace that comes from savouring the artistic masterpiece of a moment kissed in pure and perfect Love. This peace can bring tears to the eyes and awe to the heart. Gently pausing to drink in the nectar of a moment intoxicates us with an awareness that we are living in “life to the full and overflowing”. There is a well-spring of magnificent beauty blossoming within the heart and it treasures the moment from within, having eyes that see and ears that hear gentle, natural, naked, child-like God in everything. The magnificent beauty of earth’s natural rhythm whispers to us to be barefoot wanderers, to be adventurers from the heart, upon the imagination of God, our earth – to allow the natural rhythm of serene love to ballet-dance with us, care-free. There is a part of us that yearns for an intimate connection with nature and with others – a connection that enhances our beauty, our worth, and our creativity. 22

God is within us, and he is flowing throughout the earth. Jesus reveals this truth. Colossians 2:3 states that in Christ reside all of the treasures of wisdom and of knowledge. This knowledge is an awareness that not only does God reside within us, he also has flooded the entire earth. Habakkuk 2:14 says: “For the earth will be filled with the knowledge of the glory of the LORD as the waters cover the sea.” This knowledge has arrived in the revelation of Jesus Christ. A revelation that is comfortably residing within our hearts and minds (Hebrews 10:16).

“Nothing real can be threatened. Nothing unreal exists. Herein lies the peace of God”. – Helen Schucman

There is heaven in the moment. Beauty and creativity of God-quality, which is simple but in no way shallow – a beauty that invites us to rest, to enjoy, to drink deep of life’s seamless flow of perfect love, giving us highest value and eternal dignity. I’m not giving you any formula for experiencing this oneness. That is not my desire, because I find that any formula, any mechanism of control and manipulation, stems from a false mind set of distance and separation concerning our co-union with Christ. If you add a formula to something that is natural to the True Self, then you are believing that love-connection with everything is not natural to who we really are, and we need to work to achieve it. Life, created to be ease and frolicking fun, becomes impersonal. It becomes something which we must act out using guidelines. An awkward routine is added to a dance that is as natural and effortless as breathing. Your mind set becomes a padlock of ‘do’ to ‘be’, and you feel like little more than an ill-fitting key because of the mind-set you have gotten locked into.

Our Oneness with Daddy God and His creation is personal, and the way we relate to God is unique to everyone, because it is us simply being our own unique selves. It is our natural state. Our gift to God is who we are – that is how we love God with all of our soul and with all of our imagination. Simply being natural and enjoying life. Live from the pure and perfect love within your heart, and tear down brick walls of religion and the nagging voices of expectation that make your relationship with God less than art, less than freedom, less than an outpouring of untamed love from your heart.21

You do not need to control or manipulate anything; you can simply flow as who you are, effortlessly. God is FOR us and WITH us and WITHIN us. As we begin to really believe this truth (we don’t have to try – just by hearing the good news, the best news, our mind is effortlessly transformed because our hearts say a great big ‘yes’ to the things that are most comfortable, beneficial and beautiful to the soul), we discover ourselves free to love and be loved. Firstly, we tangibly feel that we are loved, and from that eternal, complete, secure, sweet love, overflows a love for humans and all of creation: an enjoyment of each moment. It is when we are loved that every part of our consciousness is unleashed to flow with heaven on earth in the here and now, drawing upon the sweetness of heaven’s nectar in each moment. You don’t really need to know the details of how it all works, because everything will make sense as these things become an internal experience, rather than a stoic theology. His pure love for us – that is the glory, that is what life is all about. You are free to live in the freedom of love in spite of anything. You’re already in, you’ve already arrived at a place of union, and there is no distance or separation in your reality. There is nothing to hinder you from enjoying the divine in each moment!

“Everything is made right in the pleasure of His Presence” – Matt Spinks

In Genesis 2:15, humanity was called to ‘work’ and ‘guard’ creation. This ties in beautifully with the revelation of our lives being spiritual ones of enjoyment, because as Ellen Bernstein has stated:

“The Hebrew word la avod, usually translated ‘to work’, also means ‘to serve’ in a religious sense and is often used in situations of service to God. The Hebrew word lishmor, often translated ‘to guard’, also means ‘to keep’ or ‘to observe’ in a religious sense, as in observing Shabbat, the Sabbath.” – ‘Creation Theology: A Jewish Perspective’

We were created to walk and exist in a personal and intimate love – intimacy and care, acceptance and unity is our existence. Knowing we are loved – that we are one with Love – articulates the poetry of the heart through us. We find a song flowing like a golden honey substance, so sweetly through our every pore, and we become swept up in beautiful waves of grace upon grace that inspire us to live adventurous, fun love-lives.23

This love is so serene and peace-filled. In this way, God as the ‘all in all’ is like Rivendell from the Lord of the Rings series – a Homely house of serenity. God is a peace-dwelling Being of beautiful stillness, flowing with seamless, honey-smooth mystical bliss.

Here is a quote about Rivendell, in which the heart of God is reflected:

“”His house was perfect whether you liked food, or sleep, or work, or story-telling, or singing, or just sitting and thinking best, or a pleasant mixture of them all. Evil things did not come into that valley.” – ‘The Hobbit’ (as we awaken to the Reality of our oneness with pure, complete acceptance and love, the shadows of false mind sets, and their manifestations in the physical will disappear – creation has been waiting eagerly for the sons of God to awaken to the reality of their infinite, child-like, pure love-substance)

Anything less than gooey love and child-like acceptance without judgment and negativity is not God. His Presence is everything good with no bad, as light cannot contain darkness. Love is true magic 🙂 – His love, coursing and running through your veins as eternal, fragrant pleasures, manifesting beauty in every way, effortlessly. You are loved enough and you will see superbness. 🙂

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