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We desire to share the good news of Jesus across the globe! Through social media, videos, blogs, books, commentaries, and public speaking we endeavour to help people be rooted in the gospel of grace and set free in the love of God.

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Here is how we will use donations sent via PayPal:

Created: 05/06/18 Due to be revised: 01/09/18

All Donations sent via PayPal will be counted together and divided on the 1st of every month (first being July 1st 2018) as follows:

10% Used towards advertising 

15% Used for ministry resources and bills (domain names etc) 

5% Given to missional outreach (another ministries) 

70% Used as wages providing a monthly sort of stipend, which will mostly be used to represent hours worked and/or content created for LLM’s media outlets*

This percentage is set so that LLM can start receiving a sum monthly, as there is no such thing as yet. This percentage is due to be revised on 01/09/18 or when this percentage is equivalent to £1000.

Limitless Life Ministries is the trade name of Limitless Life Ministries Limited, which is an incorporated company registered with Companies House. As such donations at this time are not tax deductible in themselves.



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