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From The Outhouse To The Whitehouse

By Josh Hunt

I heard the title, ‘From the Outhouse to the Whitehouse’, mentioned in a motivational address, and liked it! It reminded me of how the power and favour of God on our lives can create glorious ‘suddenlies’. In Christ we have been given a great inheritance, and this inheritance can be made manifest on the outside and transform our seeming contradictions into the heaven we possess on the inside. Let’s remember that the favour of God is explosive, it takes just one moment of manifest favour to catapult you ahead and give you your ‘Whitehouse’ experience.

Sometimes we can fall into the trap of defining God’s favour on our lives by our circumstances. It’s easy to think that when we have situations that are hard God’s favour can’t be on our lives. But this is completely opposite to the truth of the good news revealed in Christ. In fact, even using the word ‘circumstances’ to describe difficult contradictions isn’t necessarily accurate; in Christ our circumstances, our reality, is Christ and his reality. This is why Paul urges us to set our minds on things above! We have the reality of Christ. His circumstances are our real circumstances. Anything which is contrary to the reality of Jesus in us is simply an earthly contradiction to the eternal reality, which will conform to the person of Jesus by grace, through faith.

The truth of the matter is that no matter how bad things may seem, no matter how hard, no matter how long, God’s love for you is an eternal, bonafide fact, a forever covenantal promise, and his favour is on your life. Some Christians find it difficult to accept the fact that grace is just as present in the contradictions as it is in the line-up moments (those moments when earthly moments line up with heavenly reality). Some believers find it even more difficult to believe that grace can change contradictions and manifest heaven on earth. It’s a good thing when people believe that favour is not indicated by circumstance (I use the word now with the idea of contradiction in mind). But the danger is when we get so used to the ‘outhouse’ that we make a home out of it.11

Perhaps you have made a home in the ‘outhouses’ of life? Well, even though it could feel like home in the sense it may feel ‘normal’, it is not your home! In fact it is a far cry from the splendour you were created for! In the midst of the busyness of life, in the midst of contradictions, and even in the midst of sin, know that the ‘outhouse’ is not your final destination. It’s not your home. Be aware of your heavenly Daddy who adores you with more intensity than the heat and light from a hundred thousand suns. Know that God’s favour is on you, that his favour is always surrounding you, and that as you rest in his love for you, you can see the riches of his favour turn your ‘outhouse’ into a ‘Whitehouse’ of glory and grace.

This is what happened to Joseph in the Bible; he had it pretty good resting in the favour his father experienced, until he was taken away from his father and thrown into a pit (literally and also metaphorically). Joseph was in an extremely bad place, probably one of the worst places imaginable, sold as a slave, lied about, and then just as things got good, thrown in prison. Joseph was definitely going through an ‘outhouse’ experience. But Joseph knew that the favour his father had, he had! Joseph knew that because God was with him he was successful (Genesis 39:2); because God’s presence was with him he would experience good days. He knew that he shouldn’t live in the ‘outhouse’ because El Shaddai (not ‘El cheapo’ as Andrew Wommack points out) was for him. And things worked just fine to say the least.

Today the Christian can expect what Joseph got plus much more because today, through Jesus, we have been evaporated into the actual circle of God! Today we have the fullness of God’s favour, the favour he himself carried, because we have the fullness of his presence. When we know we have the fullness of the presence, the fullness of the person of Jesus, we know that we cannot be stopped!

‘Now may our Lord Jesus Christ Himself, and our God and Father, who has loved us and given us everlasting consolation and good hope by grace, comfort your hearts and establish you in every good word and work.’ – 2 Thessalonians 2:16-17

It is the heart of our loving Daddy to establish us in everything we do. His desire for our lives is for us to be saturated with his favour and power. Daddy God wants us to be extreme with hope; sometimes we can find ourselves so used to the ‘outhouse’ that we talk ourselves out of promise. The Bible, when understood in its true light, which is Jesus of course, presents such promise that we find ourselves immediately challenged to believe God for ‘Whitehouse’ experiences! 12

Perhaps it has been difficult of late? Perhaps the dusty ‘outhouse’ seems to be the limit of your life? Well, start to enjoy the love of God and get ready for every limiting paradigm to be blasted from your view! With God there are no limits! With Daddy it takes just one moment for everything to be radically changed and for you to be established in the ‘Whitehouse’. In the natural it never looked like Joseph would get his ‘Whitehouse’ experience, especially from the view of the pit and prison. However, God changed things around, he was for Joseph, and Joseph ended up as the Prime minister of all of the Egyptian Empire! With our God nothing is impossible; he’s exceedingly rich and dedicated to your happiness (yes, happiness) and success! Get ready for your ‘Whitehouse’ experience!

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