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Limitless Life Devotional

Freedom from Dead Works

Hebrews 9:14

‘How much more shall the blood of Christ, who through the eternal Spirit offered himself without spot to God, purge your conscience from dead works to serve the living God?’ (KJV)

A conscience ruled by religion is a sad thing. So many people live on an emotional roller coaster, tossed back and forth by the tyranny of religion. A lot of people are dictated to by religion, and it is often through guilt and manipulation that religion keeps this power. Have you been affected by this epidemic? Are you constantly keeping tabs on your behaviour so that you feel like you are in good standing with God? Do you feel like you have to constantly confess your sins? What if you miss a service? Or what if you want to take your family out instead of serving at the church coffee morning? Do you feel that you ought to read your Bible more? And, last one, do you feel like you need to constantly lead people in ‘the sinner’s prayer’? Well, if you do feel like the above then it is very likely that you are in need of the eternal, limitless dose of the grace of God, which will ‘purge your conscience from dead works’! You see, ‘dead works’ are those things that we DO out of fleshly motive. There is no life in them. They are not the activities themselves, but it is the source of why we do them that makes them fleshly. The difference is: Spirit, Union, Life, Jesus, or trying, striving, flesh, and religion. God wants his Children free from ‘have tos’!

Let me tell you, God doesn’t want your service, he wants you! He loves you more than words could describe and he want you to know and believe that! The Old Covenant was a covenant of contractual works: do good, get good. Do bad, get bad. But that was never God’s heart. He wants his beloved Children living from the Spirit. He wants us truly free! And, he has provided provision (his grace) for us to live from his righteousness on the inside. In other words, because of Jesus we have been plugged into the life of the Godhead and all and every demand has been eradicated! We are New, supernatural, creations in Christ, and as we take off demand we will live by genuine, un-forced ‘want tos’!

We are free to know God, without the junk that religion pretends we need. There is nothing wrong with Bible study, or Church services, or evangelism – let me tell you, this New Covenant is so good that once you start enjoying it you won’t be able to not share it. However, there is a huge difference between organically pointing people to the Saviour and feeling as though you ought to try and save people! There is a massive different between enjoying Papa in everything (including Bible study) and compartmentalising Bible study into ‘beneficial’ and watching TV into ‘frivolous’. You can enjoy the Spirit and receive revelation in everything! So today, know that you are loved and adored by your heavenly Papa. Know that Jesus has finished the work, and that there is NOTHING that you HAVE to do. You are right with God. You are blessed. You are accepted. And your behaviour has nothing to do with it. Receive grace and allow the Spirit to show you how to be free from ‘dead works’!


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